Initially as a consultant with JHPC and later as CTO of Vagabond John Powell led the effort to move the Vagabond’s mobile machine monitoring and management app to a full function mobile based VMS and designed and implemented vīv the first commercially available mobile touchless vending and market solution.

Key responsibilities achievements:

  • Managed Vagabond’s third-party supplier for design, development and manufacturing of Vagabonds machine resident hardware and firmware including backwards compatibility with most Vending Controller Boards produced over the past 25 years.
  • Managed Vagabond’s third-party (off shore) full stack development partner responsible for the development and maintenance of Vagabond’s server platform, databases, APIs, payment engine, VMS engine, vīv consumer mobile apps (Android and iOS), route driver apps (Android and iOS) operator web UI and in-house support.
  • Primary Inventor of Vagabonds recently approved patent for enabling vīv Touchless Vending
  • Managed the selection, integration, and certification process for three major processing partners, Braintree, Global Payment Services (formerly Heartland) and Apriva
  • Managed the joint development with AMS of the Industry’s first commercially available Ambient Snack touchless vending machine.
  • Managed the joint development process with Vendors Exchange of the Industry’s first retrofit kit for a refrigerated movable arm beverage machine.
  • Managed development UL and Carrier certification for our new LTE machine resident device
  • Negotiated with Visa, Google, Apple Pay, and Visa to achieve a profitable rate structure for Vagabond’s offerings


JHPC assisted Coinco and InOne in restructuring their swipe based cashless payment service to substantially reduce operating costs and provided the business and technical expertise for them to design, develop and Implement a contactless chip based platform allowing them to enter the Canadian market.

Key responsibilities achievements:

  • Providing a level of oversight of the offshore developer not previously available.
  • Identifying the critical interchange gap.
  • Negotiating with a major U.S. processing partner to get integration and development done to reduce processing rates to a reasonable level.
  • Leveraging this processor relationship to win Coinco the Visa preferred vending rate and reducing interchange costs by over $500,000 per year.
  • Identified a Canadian processor and managed the integration efforts with InOne’s offshore provider to allow their units to operate in Canada.
  • Worked directly with Ron Hoormann Coinco CTO to assist in getting Coinco’s internally designed and developed reader certified in Canada.


Initially as a consultant with JHPC and later as V.P. Business Development John Powell played a key role in Cantaloupe’s early success. John lead the effort to add cashless payment acceptance to Cantaloupes’ Seed real time machine monitoring and management platform, John also personally managed the implementation of the Sodexo – Lowes deployment of Seed Management which almost doubled Cantaloupes installed base and added the needed credibility for remote machine monitoring and management.

Specific activities and achievements include:

  • Lead the team that successfully developed and integrated credit and debit card acceptance into Cantaloupe’s main line product offering
  • Identified assessor and prepared Cantaloupe for PCI certification
  • Identified, negotiated, and managed the payment processor relationship
  • Supported major initiatives within the company’s main line route management business contributing to Cantaloupe’s five-fold increase in valuation, Inc 500 status and winning the M2M national gold award for retail implementation
  • Coached CMO on basic sales force management/metrics and provided boiler plate processes
  • Personally, managed the implementation of the Sodexo Loews deal that added 3,500 new connections across 20 operators in 8 states and positioned Cantaloupe as a major player in the industry


Initially as a consultant with JHPC and later as V.P. and channel manager for vending services at Transaction Network Services (payment partner for Pepsi North America) John Powell pioneered the design, development, implementation and commercialization of swipe-based debit and credit card acceptance in Pepsi vending machines. Today Pepsi has well over half a million machines using the basic schema that TNS developed.

Specific activities and achievements include:

  • Took Cashless Vending from a concept to the exclusive Trademark Authorized Solution for Pepsi North America.
  • Initiated the PepsiCo relationship, discerned key customer needs, and wrote the system specifications and shepherded the process leading to sole source supplier status for Pepsi North America
  • Worked with Conlux and Coinco to pioneer separating the read head bezel from the telemeter and creating the combination bill acceptor card reader bezel, innovations that are mainstream in the industry today.
  • Positioned TNS as the dominant player in the emerging Cashless Payment segment of the $20 billion annual machine vended product market
  • Created a new market channel for TNS