Areas of Practices

John H Powell Consulting (JHPC) is a niche consulting practices serving the unique needs of the Automated Point of Sale Industry (Traditional and Non-traditional Vending) and the Micro Payments Industry.

JHPC assists its clients in four general areas:

Technology – not an option

Today the entire vending industry is fighting for its survival. The ability to identify, develop/acquire, and implement the right technology in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner is, today, often the difference between life and death of the organization. This is not just the case for the route operator company. It is equally essential for all other entities that are financially invested in any part of the greater vending industry ecosystem.  JHPC brings an unmatched level real world experience in its understanding of Vending Management Systems and Electronic/virtual payment acceptance in its support for organizations attempting to understand, develop/acquire and or commercialize vending technology. 

Some new technologies we see on the horizon:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning incorporated into enhanced merchandising modules
  • Next generation scheduling accounting for traffic conditions per route segment
  • Driver-less vehicles, next generation kitting and autonomous delivery
  • The blurring of vending machines into unattended markets

Organizations that can benefit from JHPC’s expertise and services would include:

  • Route Operators
  • Management Companies and Buying Groups
  • M&A Companies/Partnerships, and those testing the waters
  • Packaged Goods Product Suppliers
  • Payment Facilitators, Gateways and Networks
  • Technology Providers
  • Equipment Suppliers
  • R&D Companies interested in vending

Reinvention – adapt or die

Surviving and thriving in the chaotic world of route vending also depends on the organization’s ability to identify, identify, and embrace new business paradigms. This is far more than placing micro markets or beefing up delivery services.   It requires a major commitment to cultural change. This must start from the very top of the organization. It this change must also be embraced in the trenches. For this to happen the organization must strike a delicate balance between the often, competing needs for employee empowerment and operational processes and controls. JHPC staff brings the unique expertise that comes from managing through cultural across a broad swath of the industry.

Functional areas most heavily impacted by change:

  • Drivers and supervisors
  • Scheduling
  • Cash and product accountability
  • Merchandising

Organizations that can benefit from JHPC’s expertise as a vending industry change agent would include:

  • Route Operators
  • Management Companies
  • M&A Companies/Partnerships

Current or potential suppliers to the industry must understand and get out in front of the radical changes their customers are facing. Failing to understand the difference between a major cultural shift and an industry fad has led to some of the most established players exiting the business and some of the most promising new players failing to reach their potential.

Organizations that can benefit from JHPC’s assistance in reading the tea leaves in this rapidly changing industry would include:

  • Packaged Goods Product Suppliers
  • Payment Facilitators
  • Technology Companies
  • Equipment Suppliers

Consolidation – the strong consume the weak

Many operator companies have left the industry and that trend is expected to increase because of the Covid 19 crisis and the economic effects that will continue for some time thereafter. This creates opportunities for well-run well-funded organizations to move into the vacuum that is being created. JHPC’s deep understanding of the market forces along with its ability to identify and evaluate acquisition opportunities positions its clients as they look to take advantage of the opportunities that will arise over the next few years.

 Organizations that can benefit from JHPC’s assistance with organic growth and acquisition during this period of consolidates would include:

  • Well-run Small and Medium Sized Independent Operators
  • Large Independent Operators 
  • Management Companies
  • Entities involved in M&A and/or Financing

Reimagining – exponential growth outside the box

Some of the most exciting new opportunities fall outside of traditional vending products and services. There will also be false opportunities and dead ends. There will be some cases industry operators will take on the challenges of these turbulent waters in others it will be outsiders who take on the challenge.  JHPC’s deep understanding of the technology, processes, practices, and culture needed to migrate from traditional vending into these uncharted waters will provide its clients a unique advantage as they attempt to capitalize on these new opportunities.

Some emerging non-traditional vending verticals:

  • Cannabis dispensing
  • Machine tool and component parts dispensing and accounting
  • Critical end item management
  • Medical and laboratory supplies dispensing and management
  • Pharmaceutical control, distribution, and tracking
  • Management of extremely dangerous or sensitive items

 Organizations that can benefit from JHPC’s assistance with nontraditional vending opportunities would include:

  • Traditional Operators
  • Management Companies
  • New Entrants on the operator side
  • Traditional VMS providers
  • Payment and Micro Payment Facilitators
  • Existing vending equipment suppliers
  • New entrants into the equipment space
  • Entities involved in M&A and/or Financing